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"L, M, P and I" in the group exhibition,"Game of Planning"

Oct, 2005 at Meisei University, Tokyo

>material: pigment and casein on canvas mounted on aluminum

pigment: Lamp, Mars, Peach and Ivory black

size:21×21×1.3(cm) each








日本美術の集約として「琳派」に着目し、現代における美術と琳派との結びつきをミニマリスティックな手法により表現する「数寄者達」というグループの展覧会に参加して発表した作品。煌びやかで華麗な琳派に自身の表現のルーツを探ろうとしたが、見い出す事は出来ず。その思索の記念として作品のタイトルを、使用した顔料であるLamp black、Mars black、Peach black、Ivory blackの頭文字から「L, M, P and I」(琳派と私)とした。

There is an art group, “Sukimono-Tachi”, which represents a relationship between comtenporary art and Rimpa (Japanese traditional art school in the Middle Ages, which Sukimono Tachi focuses attention on as the culmination of Japanese art) by minimalistic means. I joined in their group show and exhibited this work. I tried to find out the root of my expression in gorgeous Rimpa, but I couldn’t . So I titled the work ”L, M, P and I(R[L*]impa and I)” after the initials of the pigments, “Lamp black, Mars black, Peach black, Ivory black”, which were used for it as a memorial to my speculation. *In Japanese, both L and R are pronounced as one phoneme.