> 2016 ART OSAKA




Apr, 2016 at Gallery α(alpha)M, Tokyo, Japan

material: silkscreen paint on perspex











(越野 潤)

αM gallery is a non-profit gallery run by Musashino Art University. The gallery has an exhibition project every year. A curator elected annually by the gallery plans the exhibitions under one theme through the year. In 2016, Gen Umezu, a curator of The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama was elected as the curator of the project. He curated 7 exhibitions besed on the theme of “Trans/Real - potential of intangible art”. And the first of the exhibitions was my solo exhibition titled “Translucent/Surface”.

【Artist Statement】

The medium of printmaking was invented originally as a means of printing and reproducing abstract or figurative images. Then it has continued developing itself until today as an independent means of expression by expanding the variety of approaches and widening the range of applications. I have been producing my artworks by appropriating the conventional materials, techniques and images used in the history of modernism art, incorporating them into my productions. For instance, the simple color field pieces, which I have made for the past decade or so, can safely be categorized as the ones borrowed from the modernism works and styles. In my works, I have employed those color field pieces as an indispensable element to complete my creations because I like them to be seen as a collage or an assemblage of the whole exhibition space. The works for this show were created with the intention of carrying an unusual atmosphere by crossing different types of medias and techniques. Each of the five visible planes of my pieces is finished by printing color ink just one time individually on the support of the transparent acrylic plate. The thin layer of ink printed uniformly on the surface is opaque, but it takes on translucency as a faint gleam of light from outside goes through its transparent support. Basically, a picture is completed by coating the surface of its support with materials such as paints, pigments and varnishes, and so the properties of those materials and supports have a lot to do with the meaning of a picture and have a great influence on it. This exhibition is featured by the works intended to focus on the importance of the elements and techniques of which a picture is composed.

- Jun Koshino
《translated by Takuma Yoshikura》