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solo exhibition,"STAY-SEE"

December, 2007 at Gallery Yamaguchi Kunst-Bau,Osaka

material: pigment and casein on aluminum

size:2.2cm diameter each









In this “Ste-Ishi(to put down a dead stone)”is one of the landscaping techniques of Japanese traditional garden which changes the view of a garden by putting a stone in the garden . In this exhibition, I put down in the gallery space, only a small round work, the diameter of which is 2.2cm, in order to show the work itself and a change in appearance of the space. The placement of the work doesn’t rely on Western mathematical criteria but on intuition. The color and location of the works were changed several times during the exhibition. The title of this exhibition is“Stay-See”. There is a strategy called “Ste-Ishi”in the Japanese traditional boad game,“go”too. The strategy is that a“go”stone placed as if in vain often takes on cruicial meaning on the final phase. The diameter of the work is just as long as that of the“go”stone.