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"STARS" in the group exhibition,"The Impulse Of Nothing"

Nov, 2006 at Gunma Prefectural Women's University, Gunma

material: pigment and casein on aluminum

size:22mm diameter each


「STARS」 (「無の衝動」展出品作)







This exhibition, organized by four woman’s university students, was held at Gumma prefectural Woman’s University as part of the curriculum. The concept of the exhibition was that the works of art shuold be put in the place where they could not be easily found. There are four thick columns in the gallery. I put small round works on each of them. The color of the works were determined by the lucky color of four women’s star signs. The place where each pieces was installed was in the bearing of the star sign. Luckily each work was fitted in the directions which were not seen from the center of the gallery. Besides, setting them high above made it hard to find. Gumma prefecture has the beautiful starly sky and the largest astrometric telescope in Japan. I titled the work“STARS”.